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Performance Vision



In your custom training program, we will use technology from Senaptec Sensory Tablet, Sensory Strobes, Binovi Touch, NeuroTracker and many other customized methods that we design for your training program.



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Reflexion trains neuro skills - that's reaction time, eye hand coordination, peripheral vision, and more - to help you win more, recover faster, and achieve remarkable athletic milestones. Getting your head in the game has never been more effective.




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Sensory Performance

Before you make a single move in training or competition, your senses are actively engaged and prepare the mind and body for action. Vision accounts for the majority of the sensory information received and processed by the brain.

Science and research show that these visual and sensory skills are modifiable. Excellent sensory skills are often the competitive advantage to perceive and react more quickly in sport, battle, or other life activities. With Senaptec's technologies, you can assess, analyze, and improve sensory performance to gain the winning edge.

Senaptec Tablet

Our tablet version is capable of administering 7 out of 10 assessments of the Sensory Station and has the complete training suite. It allows us to:

  • Take assessments offsite
  • Test multiple athletes at a time with additional tablets
  • Take training tools to go

Senaptic Sensory Tablet

Senaptec Sensory Station

The Sensory Station is a state-of-art sensory evaluation & training solution which assesses individuals of all levels on 10 visual and sensorimotor skills. In less than 25 minutes, you can determine an individual's strengths and opportunities to improve sensory performance. A Sensory Performance Report is produced immediately with an improvement plan to start training with our system.

Proven Evaluation Tools

Sensory Station measurements are founded on scientific principles and proven through research. The methodology has been used to evaluate youth, professional athletes, and even warfighters.

Large Comparison Database

Senaptec's data analytics include comparative databases from youth to professional sports in a wide range of sport and positions. Custom comparisons can be easily made with the Sensory Station

Analysis & Improvement Plan

Senaptec's proprietary algorithms provide an 18-point analysis report immediately after the evaluation that can be emailed directly. A custom improvement plan is also included based on the report.

Training Tools

Senaptec provides training tools for all assessed skills. The tools on the Sensory Station training platform are built as games that are designed to help people improve their sensory performance.



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RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ measures and analyzes your eye movement, brain processing and reaction time against peers, amateurs and pro athletes. When the report identifies opportunities for improvement, we will customize a plan for you, built from an online library of 150+ training drills. And in just a few weeks, you could be upping your game.


Right Eye Device


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Binovi Modular Touch