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Welcome to NeuroVision Performance

We're your ultimate destination for enhancing your visual and cognitive skills. Whether you are an athlete, a gamer, a driver, a shooter, or just someone who wants to improve your performance, we have the right program for you.

NeuroVision Performance is a unique blend of optometry, sports vision training, and brain training. We use state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based methods to assess, analyze, and improve your sensory performance.

Our goal is to help you see better, react faster, and perform better.


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Our Training Programs

Our training programs are fun and engaging. You will play games that challenge your brain and eyes to work together more efficiently and effectively. You will also receive feedback and guidance from our trained staff along the way. You will see improvements in your performance not only in your sport or activity of choice but also in your everyday life.


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Our Cutting-Edge Technology

At NeuroVision Performance, we offer customized training programs based on your goals and needs. We use cutting-edge tools such as Senaptec Sensory Tablet, Sensory Strobes, Binovi Touch, NeuroTrackerX, RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ, and many others. These tools are designed to measure and train your visual and motor skills, such as eye-hand coordination, reaction time, peripheral vision, depth perception, multiple object tracking, attention span, working memory, and processing speed.


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At NeuroVision Performance we are specialists in visual performance training for athletes. Our unique programs combine cutting-edge technology, science-based exercises, and personalized coaching to help you enhance your visual skills and optimize your performance.

Our programs are the ultimate solution for athletes who want to gain a competitive edge and reach their full potential.


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Sports Vision Training is a set of exercises and techniques that aim to improve the visual skills and abilities of esports players. These skills include eye movement, focus, peripheral vision, reaction time, visual memory, and more. Sports Vision Training can help you gain a competitive edge in your games by enhancing your visual perception, attention, and decision making. 


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Visual Performance Training can be especially beneficial for military and military law enforcement personal, who often face complex and dynamic situations that require high levels of visual and cognitive abilities. It has been been shown to improve various aspects of performance, such as reaction time, accuracy, attention, memory, and decision making.



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Visual Performance Training is an essential tool for professionals looking to improve their visual skills and excel in their field. Whether you're an executive, a pilot, a surgeon, or any other type of professional, your ability to perform at your best is critical to your success.


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I'm really passionate about making you see well, see faster, respond faster and perform better, not just see 20/20.

Dr. Alireza Somji


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