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Performance Vision




Who needs Performance Vision training?

The short answer is everyone! Vision is not just the ability to see straight ahead, it’s all of the components that come together to make you see and perform better. All of our Performance Vision programs include: 

  • a custom evaluation
  • in-office training sessions
  • at home training material

In-office training sessions are fun and engaging!


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Our Performance Vision Programs


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Starter Performance Vision program

If you’re not playing sports but just want to improve your visual and cognitive ability, we recommend our starter Performance Vision program. We emphasize perceptual skills and multiple object tracking with a good entry into basic hand-eye, body-eye and visual decision making skills. This is a great program for healthy aging and wellness and is a 4 session package.



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Athlete Performance Vision program

If you play sports recreationally but are still competitive and want to improve your performance, this is the right program to start with. We will work on everything in the Starter Performance Vision program and introduce more custom training exercises relevant to your sport. Our training begins to incorporate exercise to improve the speed and performance of your visual skills. This program starts with a 6 session package with maintenance options to keep your skills sharp.

This is the right program for you if:

  • You enjoy playing a sport (soccer, softball, volleyball, tennis, others) once or twice a week but you don't play competitively
  • You play esports several hours a week
  • You participate in martial arts, boxing or mixed martial arts but not competitively
  • You want to improve your general hand-eye and hand-body coordination even though you don't play sports



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Elite Performance Vision program

If you have a structured pre-season, season and post season protocol it means you're serious about your sport! This program will incorporate everything the Athlete Performance Vision program has with more customization and more intensity. We concentrate on sharpening and honing your ability to react, perceive and perform. We start with a 6 session package and include maintenance training programs for different times in your season.

This is the right program for you if:

  • You play competitively, irrespective of the level of competition
  • You play esports and participate in tournaments
  • You don't just train but you schedule bouts


Contact us for more info or to get started with your Sports Performance Vision training program!