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Athletes are perceived to have the ideal bodies. They have the right weight, body fat, height, and even athletic abilities. For some athletes, speed, strength, agility, or flexibility is required. However, one thing remains constant for all athletes – good visual skills. Sports Vision Training helps athletes to broaden their vision so that they can be in a good position to win in their game. 

At NeuroVision Performance we are specialists in Sports Vision Training for athletes. Our unique programs combine cutting-edge technology, science-based exercises, and personalized coaching to help you enhance your visual skills and optimize your performance.

See better, react faster, perform better. 

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What is Sports Vision Training?

Sports Vision Training is a specialized training program that aims to improve an athlete's visual skills and abilities to enhance their sports performance. It focuses on improving an athlete's eye-hand coordination, reaction time, depth perception, visual tracking, and other visual skills required in their specific sport.

While most athletes train their bodies and minds to perform at their peak, the importance of vision training is often overlooked. Vision is one of the most critical components of athletic performance, and enhancing visual skills can give athletes a competitive edge.


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Sports Vision Physicals for Athletes

Every successful training program starts with a custom evaluation. Here we get to know your goals, your activity, your sport and where you feel your visual strengths and weaknesses are. We utilize a mix of technology and proven vision therapy concepts to establish a baseline that is custom to your goals. Dynamic vision, spatial awareness, depth perception and multiple object tracking are only a few of the many skills we measure.

This session takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.


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What Does Sports Vision Training Entail?

It is beneficial for any athlete who wants to improve their visual skills and perform at their best. Our programs are designed to be tailored to individual needs, taking into consideration the athlete's sport, position, and level of competition.



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Dynamic visual acuity

Visual acuity refers to how clear your vision is. If you train your eyes to have dynamic visual acuity, then you can see objects better than normal people. This especially helps athletes who have to track objects that are too far away as well as fast-moving objects. It also helps a lot with focusing on small targets.


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Peripheral Vision

Peripheral vision or side vision is the ability to see objects that are not directly ahead of you. Athletes need to see their teammates as well as stay alert of the environment around them. If they can see well on the sides without turning their head so much, they focus better.


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Eye-tracking is the ability to measure another person’s gaze to predict their movements. This can help athletes to measure up against their opponents if they can read their next move. Eye-tracking also helps athletes to follow moving objects without turning the head too much.


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Eye-Hand and Body Coordination

Every athlete should have good eye-hand and body coordination. This way, when they see something, the rest of the body can react immediately and do what is required.


Depth Perception

Depth Perception

Depth perception refers to the ability to judge objects that are not within visual range. Athletes should be able to tell the distance between themselves and their teammates. Depth perception helps to estimate speeds, distances, and targets, as well.


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Visualization and Visual Memory

Athletes need to sharpen their visual memory so that they can react fast. They also need to be cognitively sharp in their visualization so that they can anticipate outcomes and actions.


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Color detection and vision

Some sports require athletes to have impeccable color detection. The slightest variation in colors can give false indications, causing false actions.


Focusing on target

Visual Concentration

Athletes compete in fields full of distractions. Fans, screens, noise, competitors, name it. The athlete has to be trained to focus on the game. Averting eyes on what is going on around them can cost them a lot.

The benefits of sports vision training go beyond improving an athlete's performance.

It can also help reduce the risk of sports-related injuries. Improved visual skills can help athletes anticipate and react to situations more effectively, reducing the likelihood of collisions and injuries.


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Cutting-Edge Tech for Peak Performance

We are equipped with cutting-edge technology that can help you improve your vision. Our team of experts will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable option for your lifestyle and goal.

interactive boards

Interactive Light Board

Reflexion's interactive light board uses a series of lights to test and train an athlete's reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

Strobe Training

Senaptec Strobe Training 

Strobe glasses are used to improve an athlete's ability to process visual information quickly by temporarily blocking their vision intermittently.

right eye tracking technology

RightEye Eye Tracking

Eye-tracking technology is used to measure an athlete's visual fixation, saccades, and smooth pursuit to identify areas that need improvement.


Reaction Light Training 

FITLIGHT® is designed to train the body and the brain, improving reaction time, mental accuracy, sensory processing and other neurocognitive attributes.

 Find out more about the technology we use in our practice.


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